With the nights drawing in, now may very well be the best time to let the waxing and waning lunar energies add a model new dimension to your yoga.

Lunar yoga is an ideal answer to do precisely that as its focus is on the completely totally different moon phases, which we get to take pleasure in all the further clearly when it’s darker for longer.

Claire Gallagher, an astrologer and self-described ‘lunar yoga pioneer’ posts on-line workout routines for day-after-day of the lunar cycle (moonrx.com). She explains that the idea is to vary into further in sync with the altering energy ranges associated to the moon as a result of it waxes and wanes.

Flip your lunar yoga proper right into a ritual for physique and ideas by lighting some candles sooner than you begin and taking a few minutes to tune in to your emotions. What are you feeling this evening? The place in your physique do you possibly can launch rigidity? Are you holding onto one thing that ought to go?

lunar yoga

New moon (19 Oct and 18 Nov)

The model new moon is correlated to the side of air and to the season of spring, so it’s a extremely modern and uplifting time of the lunar cycle. It’s moreover a extremely tender time in your physique so the primary goal of routines ought to be on transferring your physique up gently.

Attempt poses that concentrate on slowly developing energy in your physique, resembling one-leg balancing postures. The tree pose might be good, or the eagle.

Mentally, it’s a good time to work on co-ordination – poses the place you truly should think about what you’re doing.

It’s moreover a extremely excellent time to try a model new pose or to set your self a intention for enchancment, resembling slower, deeper yogic respiratory.

Lunar yoga tree pose

Tree pose

Plant one foot firmly on the underside. Convey the one of the opposite foot to leisure on the side of your calf or thigh – not on the knee joint itself. Convey your arms collectively inside the centre of your chest in prayer place. Attempting forward, delay your arms above your head with palms nonetheless collectively, or open them out to the sides to ‘embrace the moon’.

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